Artist Statement and Bibliography

Artist Statment

I paint for myself and am pleased that people get something out of what I do.  Formal elements and the way we see interest me.  I have always been attracted to a certain amount of illusion in painting, partly because it  arouses wonder about what is real.  The paradox of illusion and reality is not a contradiction if we consider “illusion” as one of the many shifting realities of life.  Images and goals move on and fade as, once we achieve them, they somehow seem changed, different than what we had expected.

My paintings are non-objective and highly influenced by memories and feelings that are aroused while painting.  Childhood experiences, travel and memories of how I have felt while in specific places are filtered by time and imagination to set the mood of my paintings.  Foreign places are especially stimulating because they make me see with the fresh unconditioned eyes of an outsider — more like a child.  Both old and new art are influential.  I admire the skills of old masters such as Caravaggio, El Greco, Botticelli and Rembrandt, artists who largely established the moods of their paintings by how they painted drapery and light.  The bravura, spontaneity and dynamic compositions of the abstract expressionists are also impressive.

My long time experience with airbrush painting enables me to establish a flowing illusionism.  Airbrushing is so natural for me that I no longer think about technique.  I work in a meditative state, trusting instincts and feelings, enabling thoughts and memories to become imbedded into my paintings.  Realism and abstraction are blended, as are distant and here, past and present, memories and feelings – a communion of the inner and outer world.


2012 Hunterdon Art Museum in Clinton presents `Reality Frames Imagination’ art exhibition, Hunterdon Review,  December 5, 2012

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Edward Evans in mostra all’Ariete, CRONACA DI BOLOGNA, 30 Giugo, 2010

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Selected Exhibition Catalogs

2013   Reality Frames Imagination: Selected Paintings of Edward Evans, Second edition printing. Catalog design: Grubb Graphics, Jackson Heights, New York.    L’Ariete Arte Contemporanea, Bologna, Italy, Gallery 705, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Introduction: Annamaria Polidori, Paolo Donini, Lucca Gattoni, Kathryn Coe

2012 Reality Frames Imagination: Recent Paintings of Edward Evans, First edition printing.  Catalog design:  Grubb Graphics, Jackson Heights, New York. L’Ariete Arte Contemporanea, Bologna, Italy, Gallery 705, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  Introduction: Siba Das, Annamaria Polidori, Paolo Donini

2006 subandsur-face, Galleria d`Arte Contemporanea di Palazzo Ducale, Citta` di Pavullo nel Frignano, 16 dicembre – 14 Gennaio 2007

2004 Depth of the Surface, San Giovanni in Monte, Universita` di Bologna, 29 Gennaio – 28 Febbraio, 2004 – Italia, William Whipple Gallery, Southwest Minnesota State University, 9 Novembre – 3 Dicembre 2004 – USA, Lorella Pagnucco Salvemini,

2000 Presente Antico Edward Evans, 43 SPOLETO FESTIVAL, 28 Giugno – 16 Luglio 2000 Galleria POLid`ARTE, PATTI – VIVIESTATE 2000 18 Agosto – 8 Settembre 2000 Antica Pescheria, Bologna – La Ariete Arte Contemporanea, 12 – 28 Settembre 2000, New York Monique Goldstrom Gallery, Introduction 2000,  Testi di: Annamaria Polidori, Andrea Romoli, Catalogo: Angelo De Florio, Translation by Joe Jensen, Cornelia Evans and Pier Francesco Paolini

Xenobio, La Ariete Arte Contemporanea, German Cultural Center, Dicembre 2000 Gennaio 2001, – a cura di Hidehiro Ikegami, con scritti de Elizabeth Binyon,Luca Gattoni, Alessandro Guidi, Hidehiro Ikegami, Hiroyuki Ishikura, Anders Toftgaard

1992 Edward Evans Obrazy, Galeria Mesta Bratislavy Palffyho Palac, 16. Jul – 30 August 1992, Kulturna a informacna Agentura U.S.A.  USIS, Review: Gregory Waskowsky


Recent Awards

2010 Art of the State Purchase Award, State Museum of Pennsylvania

Premio Spoleto Festival Art 2010, Osservatorio Parlamentare Europeo e del Consiglio d Europa , Instituto Europeo

1996 Prairie Star Award, Southwest Minnesota Arts and Humanities Council

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